Installation series

Home In Home is an installation series consisting of two installation works: Reverie and Absorption.

A bed has been perceived as Soyoung Chung's second home in her actual home and Home In Home series demonstrates a process of unconsciousness. She tries to convey a subtle sensibility along with unconsciousness and comfortability from a bed.

Home In Home: Reverie 

‘Home In Home: Reverie demonstrates an ongoing process of unconsciousness on a bed. 


Photos from Keep In Touch exhibition at Finlayson, Tampere, Finland in 2020

Home in home better 2.jpg

Home In Home: Absorption

‘Home In Home: Absorption’ is a next series following Home In Home: Reverie and it demonstrates the consequence of an absorbed state in unconsciousness. Home in Home: Absorption is the last step from the process of unconsciousness on a bed.

HIH absoprtion_Nolla exhibition_SoyoungC

Photos from Nolla/Zero exhibition at Galleria Rajatila, Tampere, Finland in 2020

HIH absoprtion_Nolla exhibition_SoyoungC

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